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Selected by Reader's Digest Today's Best Non-Fiction
Volume 1, 2007

Chosen by the American Association of Therapeutic Humor for a book award, "Furthering the Mission - Non-member: for the best nonfiction book written by, or edited by, a nonmember that reflects and advances the understanding of application of humor and laughter for their positive benefits".

Their mission: To advance the understanding and application of humor and laughter for their positive benefits. http://www.aath.org

People Magazine Feature, July 10, 2006

"Inspirational is too weak a word to describe Garrison’s memoir"
. Booklist

"Her early excursions outside the hospital are nearly disastrous yet truly funny as are her adventures at home with a three-year-old child." Kirkus Review

"Her humorous, tear-jerking, struggle-to-recover-against-all-odds story is a lesson in finding silver linings".
Publishers Weekly

"Don't Leave Me This Way's unique tone and utterly un-maudlin appeal is perhaps best summed up by its spunky yet spiky subtitle..."
Elle Magazine

"...pulls readers through her most humbling and triumphant moments"
Boston Magazine

"4 stars out of 4"
Detroit Free Press

"It's as if your wise-cracking neighbor, the one who can always come up with a biting yet hysterically funny story in any disaster, turned handicap into a stand-up routine. Garrison has an edgy sense of irony that prevents the horrendous events...from becoming too maudlin or depressing. Readers can bring this book to the beach and laugh out loud."
Chicago Sun Times--Advance Praise for Don't Leave Me This Way



Hardcover ISBN #: 978-0-06-112061-9
Paperback ISBN #: 978-0-06-112063-3
Audio ASIN: B00740LDMI

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